Welcome to Paradise FM 100,9 Denpasar Bali

Dear Friends:

With its vast experiences over 60 years, including the heroic ones during the struggle for Indonesia's independence, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) is now entering a new era.

Mid 2005, RRI became a Public Service Broadcasting (PSB), leaving its status as the mouth-piece of the government of the Republic of Indonesia. As a PSB, RRI's main mission is to serve only the public interests.

Trying to render best services to the public, RRI invites public's participation in designing, executing, and controlling its programs through focus group discussions as well as'on-air and off-air' dialogues.

As a member of global broad-casting community, RRI is willing to cooperate with any institutions on a win-win basis.

Jakarta, September 2007

Sharing happiness with you,

Parni Hadi

President Director