Welcome to Paradise FM Bali by I Gusti Bagus Sudhyatmaka Sugriwa


Bali has been one of premier tourist destinations in the world since 1920s, when the Holland Shipping Company KPM introduced and promoted the island to the European citizens. Today’s, thousands of foreign tourists have been visiting and exploring this tiny island in order to discover its unique culture, to see its exotic natural beauty, and to feel the friendliness of its people which are quite hard to be found anywhere else.

Tourism has been the locomotive for Bali’s development for decades since it has much raised the prosperity of the people through the increasing income earning gained from this sector. The involvement of the Government, the private sectors and the Balinese community at large in tourism management is certainly one of the keys for the success of Bali’s tourism.

RRI - Radio Republik Indonesia Station of Denpasar since 1967 through its English service. Gives information to the visitors and the expatriates to make them familiar to the Balinese way of life. This service is arranged in a special channel which is called as PARADISE FM BALI at 100,9 MHz which is also entertaining with sweet music. This channel all at once becomes so popular among the local English speaking audiences.

However, along the progress of the technology in which the internet does contribute another choice to the people through audiostreaming, RRI arranges a cooperation with DewataLink to make the channel globally listened.

I do hope that this channel you find in the internet could give new atmosphere to people abroad or other areas in Indonesia and even in Bali itself who already familiar with Bali, those who wish to visit Bali and others who do not even know the charms of this island. Have good fun to listen RRI in Paradise FM Bali.

RRI Denpasar Station Head

I Gusti Bagus Sudhyatmaka Sugriwa